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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does it take to receive an item not in stock?
    Most Travel Scooters, Folding Scooters, and Mid-Size Scooters, Ramps and Lifts ordered by 2 pm ET Monday through Friday will ship the same day via Fedex or UPS, and will usually arrive in 3-5 business days. Full Size and Heavy Duty Scooters ships via freight, it will usually take from 3-7 business days. Most Drive Medical scooters are delivered within 6-10 business days.

  • If I do not find the item I am looking for on the website would you still be able to get the item?
    Yes, if we are working with a manufacturer of an item that you are interested in then we can provide that item.

  • What if I want to speak to an actual living, breathing human being?
    You may call 1-877-818-7433 toll free Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:00pm or Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm EST

  • What are the pros of buying a mobility scooter online?
    (1) You can choose the best brand, and not be limited by one or two brands your local scooter store may carry. This can mean greater mobility if you find a more advanced scooter online such as (2) Often Lower prices due to competition and large sales volumes. (3) You can scan the Internet store for scooters on sale.  Often they sell last years model at lower prices. (4) More stores to choose from; not just stores in your town (5) Online stores often offer better information about the products and customer reviews online, and not just what the salesperson tells you. (6) No pressure from a salesperson.  You can still email or phone a mobility scooter customer service agent at their toll free numbers if you have any questions. (7) Shipping is FREE with most online mobility scooter stores with some having a $50 or $100 minimum purchase. (8) You don't have to go shopping during prime time shopping hours.  You can wait until you get home and relax and place your order online when you're comfortable.  Online stores are open to take orders 24 hrs a day. (9) For disabled people not having to travel to so many stores can be a big advantage. (10) You can download the user manual for the product from the online store and read it before the product arrives, so you know all about your scooter or power chair, and you won't feel pressured to have to read the manual when it arrives. (11) Many online scooter stores offer coupons to get up to 15% off your purchase.

  • What if I don't like it?
    Our mobility specialists do their best to ensure that everything you purchase at will suit your specific situation and needs. In the event something just doesn't work for you, you can return your product (please see our hassle free return policy for details).

  • What if I find it cheaper?
    We are confident you'll find the lowest prices online here at We are dedicated to affordable prices and complete customer satisfaction. We ship factory direct and this enables us to keep our costs down and pass on that savings to our customers. However, in the event you find a lower price including shipping elsewhere, we will absolutely beat that price for you. Our goal is to earn your business and make you happy. (Please see Low Price Guarantee for details)

  • Does it come assembled?
    Most of our scooters arrive completely assembled for you to ride out of the box. Some require minimal assembly that anyone without any expertise could do. If you do need any help whatsoever though, we always offer free phone support.

  • Wheelchair or scooter?
    Here is a summary of things to consider.

    Walking. Scooters are mainly for people who can walk a little. They are great for distances that are too long or too tiring to walk. If you cannot walk more than a few steps you will probably need a wheelchair.

    Support from seats. If you need support when sitting you may find the basic seats on scooters are not comfortable enough for you. Wheelchairs have a greater range of seats and some can be fitted with specially designed seats.

    Extra features. Some scooters have swivel seats to help you get on and off and some have seats that adjust up and down. However that's about it. You are likely to need a wheelchair if you need advanced features such as seats that will rise higher (so you can reach into high cupboards, for example), help with getting to a standing position or seats that recline.

    Controls. Scooters are simple to drive. You need enough reach to move the tiller and enough dexterity to pull the levers to control the speed.

    Joystick wheelchair controls need less strength or movement and wheelchairs can be fitted with a huge range of special controls.

    Stiff legs. Leg and footrests only come on wheelchairs. On scooters your feet rest on the floor of the scooter or, on some models, on the cowling over the front wheels - will this suit you? If you are thinking about a scooter, make sure that the tiller and steering mechanism does not make getting in or out difficult or force you into an uncomfortable sitting position.

    Using public transport. You can ride in a wheelchair on public transport providing it is not too large. Some scooters are allowed on trains and trams, but this depends on the company operating the service. Some will ask you to transfer to a seat. Taxi drivers will not usually let you ride in the taxi on your scooter.

    Finally. If your abilities are likely to change think about what you may need in the future.

  • What about Batteries?

    Wheelchair batteries are different from car batteries. Car batteries are made to provide short bursts of power only, which is why they are not suitable for use with wheelchairs, and why they are cheaper than wheelchair batteries.

    Wheelchair and scooter batteries are designed to give out a steady supply of power. They are likely to need replacing after about 12 or 18 months, although you may be able to use them for longer if you take care of them. It pays to check your battery regularly.

    All wheelchair and scooter batteries are rechargeable.

    Generally, the larger the batteries, the greater the power and the further you will be able to travel between charges. Most chairs have two 12-volt batteries.

    There are two main types of battery:

    • Lead acid batteries are the cheapest and last the longest, but they need the most maintenance. Electrolyte and water levels must be checked regularly and topped up. They are not sealed, so there is a danger of spilling acid. Sealed lead acid batteries are sealed so you don't have to add water and there is little or no danger of spilling acid.
    • Gel cell batteries are supplied with most chairs these days. They are sealed in their cases and need no maintenance and cannot be spilled. They are more expensive and may have a shorter life than lead acid batteries. They are the only type of battery allowed on airplanes.

    Charging your battery:
    A battery charger will be supplied with your chair (check that it is included in the price). As a rule of thumb reckon on charging the chair for as twice as long as you will use it for.

    • Check that you can charge the battery without removing it from the wheelchair - most wheelchairs and scooters do this.
    • Some scooters have a built in charger - you just need to plug in. The disadvantages are that the whole scooter may have to go in for repair if the charger goes wrong and it is not possible to charge the battery away from the scooter.

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions about charging to the letter. You should try to charge the battery every day - most people do it overnight. If you have a wet cell battery the room needs to be well ventilated, as the battery will give off fumes when being charged

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